International Communication Instrument

Network Expertise Helps You Succeed

Welcome to ICI!

ICI is a professional telecommunication and ICT system consultant and value add distributor. We operate in Beijing, China, P.R.

Our mission is to bring world class telecommunication and ICT solution to worldwide partners and customers, and help them meet their business and technical goals.

Our key value points are as below,

1. Authentic Tier-1 Quality:  We only procure from very limited certified Tier-1 partners of each manufacturer, and we are 100% serious about the products we are selling.

2. International Experience:  We have solid experience in international business for more than 4 years, and our dedicated logistic team will be your reliable backup for international handling.

3. Technical Capability: We are specialized in Cisco, Huawei, H3C, Dell and our own brand, ICI. For IP/SDH/xPON networks, we proudly bring our true end-to-end solution to worldwide customers, enabling you to use latest technologies on top of thorough consideration and industrial insight.

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